Talks from the 2011 Symposium

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Syncope: A case based approach to evaluation and management.
Robert Schwengel, MD, FACC
Newport Hospital

Hypertension in the Elderly: Evaluation and management.
Thomas Crain, MD, FACC
Miriam HospitalC

Renovascular Hypertension: Evaluation and Management.
Philip Stockwell MD, FAC
Rhode Island Hospital

Troponin: Uses and Pitfalls.
Marilyn Weigner, MD, FACC
Rhode Island Hospital

Antithrombin Agents: How are they changing management of thrombotic disorders?
Douglas Burtt, MD, FACC
Miriam Hospital

Antiplatelet therapy post coronary stenting: What drugs and for how long?
J. Dawn Abbott, MD, FACC
Rhode Island Hospital

Asymptomatic Carotid Disease: Guidelines for assessment and management.
Peter A. Soukas, MD, FACC
Miriam Hospital

Therapeutic Hypothermia.
George R. McKendall, MD, FACC
Rhode Island Hospital

Cardiac CT and MRI: Uses and limitations.
Michael Atalay MD, PhD
Rhode Island Hospital

Echocardiography: A case based review of the Appropriate Use Criteria.
Franklin Schneider MD, FACC
Miriam Hospital

Stress Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: When is it the best test?
James Arrighi, MD, FACC
Rhode Island Hospital

Stress Echocardiography: When is it the best test?
Athena Poppas, MD, FACC
Rhode Island Hospital

Congestive Heart Failure: Evaluation and Management in the
patient with reduced and preserved left ventricular systolic function.

Daniel Levine, MD, FACC
Rhode Island Hospital

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Women: New definitions of
Risk from the 2011 guidelines.

Karen Aspry, MD, FACC
Rhode Island Hospital

Primary and Secondary Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease:
What is the role of the non statin drugs (fibrates, fish oil, niacin
and folate)?

Janet Long, MSN, ARPN, BC, ACNP
Rhode Island Hospital

Quality Indicators for Cardiology: A Rhode Island report card.
Peter L. Tilkemeier, MD, FACC
Miriam Hospital