Talks from the 2013 Symposium

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Syncope Evaluation: Can We Avoid the Million Dollar Work Up?
David M. Donaldson, MD, FACC

Heart Disease in Women: Is It Really Different?
Jennifer F. Jarbeau, MD, FACC

Male Sexuality and Cardiovascular Disease.
Mark R. Paulos, MD

Anticoagulation in Atrial Fibrillation: What are the Choices?
Peem Lorvidhaya, MD, FACC

When Should I Order a Stress Test?
Aaron K. Weisbord, MD, FACC

Which Stress Test Should I Order?
Michael F. Gilson, MD, FACC

Preoperative Clearance: When to Call the Cardiologist.
Marilyn J. Weigner, MD, FACC

Vascular Disease: Who and How to Screen.
J. Dawn Abbott, MD, FACC

Aortic Stenosis and the Role of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.
Barry L. Sharaf, MD, FACC

Cardio-Oncology - An Emerging Subspecialty.
Philip H. Stockwell, MD, FACC

Can We Prevent CHF Patients from Being Readmitted, and Readmitted?
Daniel J. Levine, MD, FACC

Smoking Cessation Strategies: What Works?
Andrew M. Busch, PhD

Refractory Hypertension: What Are The Options?
Robert H. Schwengel, MD, FACC

Approach to the Patient With an Elevated Pulmonary Pressure.
James R. Klinger, MD, FACC

Lipid Lowering Goals for Primary and Secondary Prevention.
Karen E. Aspry, MD, FACC